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When People Hate You

Read Psalm 52:1-9

Ahimelech was a priest who assisted David. Because of that, he was considered a traitor, and Saul ordered Ahimelech and his family killed. When David heard about it, he was saddened and wrote this psalm.

Psalm 52 gives a threefold description that puts man's evil into perspective. First, David describes the treacherous man (vv. 1-4). Doeg was a descendant of Esau, who represents the worldly person (Heb. 12:16). Esau's descendants were enemies of the Jews. Doeg was probably a proselyte. Although he was a mighty and wealthy man, he didn't get his strength from God. Doeg boasted of, reveled in and loved evil. It's dangerous to love a lie (II Thess. 2:11; Rev. 22:15). As in Doeg's case, lying can be telling the truth with a wrong motive.

Second, David describes the righteous Judge (vv. 2-7). God will break down this evil man and uproot him from the land of the living. Those who depend on themselves will one day be uprooted and destroyed.

Third, David describes the victorious servant (vv. 8,9). He had seen the olive trees by the house of God. He knew God would take care of him, just as He did the trees, and he depended on Him for his strength. David was planted, productive and praising God.

When people are treacherous to us, we must focus on God's goodness, not on man's badness. Leave all judgment to the Lord. Continue to bear fruit for God, and praise Him in the midst of trouble.

You can be victorious when others target you with their hatred. The next time someone treats you with hate, focus on God; leave the matter in His hands and praise His name.

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